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Responsive Website Design For Hotels & Businesses

Internet consumption on smart phones and tablets is becoming the new standard. Mobile search is constantly increasing due to users looking for information on the fly. With Google's assertion of the "mobile" experience as one of its ranking factors, Milestone offers responsive designs that customize your content for the appropriate device.

Singular Solution

Our sites scale based on device type. Images, columns and navigation adjust to the device size and resolution. We offer technology that caters to client site and server site responsive website designs.

Responsive Websites

We offer responsive designs for websites that have cohesive goals for mobile and desktop users. If you are redesigning your site or creating a new one, we recommend using our responsive design approach. Our professional team will work closely with you throughout this unique development process.

Mobile Websites

If you have an established website, keep your mobile site independent for now. When you are ready to redesign your website, we can make your site responsive. If you have a complex site, we can build and optimize custom mobile and tablet solutions to drive specific revenue.

Our Products / Features

1- Maintain main domain relevancy

2- Easy to navigate - single click access to directions and contacts

3- Automatic user agent detection - renders based on device 

4- Auto flips content horizontally or vertically

1- Designs and layouts optimize based on device type

2- SEO, Schemas, and Meta Tags enabled

3- Easy to edit in CMS

4- Tracking and Analytics

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